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Opay Banking | Can I Have Two Opay Account

Hello, here we go again to bring you Best information on the Internet.  I know most of you have heard about OPAY BANKING, We are set to talk about if you can have two opay account.

What Is An Opay

Opay is a mobile-based financial platform that offers a range of services such as money transfers, bill payments, mobile recharges, ride-hailing, and food delivery. It aims to provide convenient and accessible financial solutions to users in various African countries, helping them manage their finances and access essential services through their smartphones.

Who Is The Ceo Of Opay

Yahui Zhou is the owner of Opay. He is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Opera. He is a billionaire and astute entrepreneur. Zhou received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and his master’s degree in optical engineering from Tsinghua University in 1999 and 2006.

When Was Opay Opened To Operated

Opay was launched in August 2018. It started in Lagos, Nigeria, and gradually expanded its services to other African countries, offering various financial and lifestyle solutions through its mobile app

Can I Have Two Opay Account ?

Similar to traditional banks, Opay follows a policy that restricts users from opening multiple accounts using the same phone number and BVN (Bank Verification Number). This policy is in place to ensure security, prevent fraudulent activities, and maintain a seamless user experience within the platform.

Opay’s policy of one account per phone number and BVN means that users cannot create separate accounts within the app to manage their finances. This limitation can be frustrating for individuals who desire distinct accounts for various purposes, such as personal and business transactions.

Can i Use One Bvn For Two Opay Accounts?

In most cases, you cannot use one Bank Verification Number (BVN) for two different OPay accounts. BVN is a unique identifier tied to an individual’s bank account, and it is typically used to verify the identity of the account holder. Each individual is supposed to have their own unique BVN, and it should not be shared or used for multiple accounts.

Using the same BVN for two OPay accounts or any other financial services could lead to issues with identity verification and may violate the terms of service of the platform. It’s essential to maintain the integrity of your BVN and use it only for its intended purpose, which is to verify your identity for banking and financial transactions.

What is Opay Customer Care Number

Call us on 0700 888 8328 or 01 8888328(App & Card queries)

0700 888 8329 or 01 8888329(POS Business queries)

Available 24/7

Or Chat with us on Whatsapp – +2349165998936

What Is Open USSD Code ?

The special Opay code, *955#, is designed for customers to perform various financial transactions such as money transfers, purchasing airtime and data, making withdrawals, funding betting accounts, and lots more


Opay has been in existence for up to 5 years now and they are growing everyday. Having two opay account can only be achieved if you have two BVN, Which you can’t



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