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19-year-old genius bags Bachelor’s degree from US university in just two years instead of four

Ronald McCullough, a 19-year-old genius child, earned his bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in just two years instead of the typical four.

After graduating from Atlanta’s Maynard Jackson High School at the tender age of 15, Ronald McCullough entered Clark Atlanta University at the age of 16. He told Fox News that his parents had known from a young age that he was exceptionally intelligent.


Ronald had to skip second grade due to his superior math and science performance, which allowed him to complete high school early. He claimed that until he produced his driver’s license, his university friends did not realize how much younger he was.

He continued, “I don’t consider myself a genius, but they called me a genius because of my amazing capacity to learn and remember information about really complex things.

“While I wouldn’t call myself a genius, I was given the right environment for my passion of learning to develop. There was little opportunity for disappointment because so much was expected of me, he remarked.


Ronald is one of the 200 students that participate in Clark Atlanta University’s Isabella T. Jenkins Honors and Scholars Program. With the aim of growing and fostering intellectual freedom and supporting the pursuit of academic excellence, the curriculum offers students the best learning experience possible.

Teri Platt, the program’s president, calls Ronald one of the brightest students at the university with a generally excellent character and adds that he stands for black excellence in all of its varied forms.


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